There is a great science fiction book that I just finished reading. It is called “Mars,” and the author is Ben Bova, one of my favorite authors. So let me take a few minutes to tell you all about this wonderful book about the first human expedition to Mars.

Twenty-five astronauts on the International Mars Mission travel to Mars in two ships: Mars 1 and Mars 2. The landers touch down and the base dome is inflated, and the work begins. About 30 sols into the 50 sol mission, the crew finds a mysterious rock formation at Tithonium Chasma, and one of the astronauts, Jamie Waterman, thinks it is an ancient Martian cliff dwelling where intelligent Martians once lived.

So about five astronauts take off in a rover to explore Tithonium Chasma, and to see if the cliff dwelling is artificial, and not a natural formation, which most of the crew believes it to be. On the way there, they get unbearable sick, and discover while they are down in the canyon that they have caught scurvy, because their Vitamin C pills were exposed to pure oxygen during a meteor strike, and another three people back at the dome head out in a spare rover head out to find the others and bring them back to the dome.

But they have to come back—before the astronauts leave Mars without them, leaving them to die. Oh, and I forgot to work in that astronauts Joanna Brumado and Ilona Malater find a Martian bug in the valley, an actual living Martian organism.

So please buy this book or take a trip to your local library to find this book and read it. You won’t reget it, I promise. Just to wrap it up, the book in a nutshell is about the first human expedition to Mars that gets in trouble on a traverse out to Tithonium Chasma when they all get scurvy.



Hello there again!

I have some very exciting news for you. On Tuesday, March 10, 2009, the 41st magic tree house book, Moonlight on the Magic Flute, released. Now, for those of you reading that follow the series or have an interest in a few of the books, I have the next two books in the series!

On July 28, 2009, the 42nd magic Tree House book, A Good Night for Ghosts and its nonfiction companion, Ghosts, will come out. The first one will feature jazz musician Louis Armstrong in 1915, and the latter will tell about ghost stories.

Next year, in 2010, the 43rd Magic Tree House book will come out. In an interview, author Mary Pope Osborne said she was collecting information to write a book tentatively titled “Leap Year With Leprechauns.” In this book, Jack and Annie will visit the west coast of Ireland in the 1860s and make friends with a girl named Augusta, who later became the Irish author Lady Gregory.

As you can imagine, I, being a huge Magic Tree House fan, am very excited, and cannot wait for these three books to release. In that time, I will try to write my own version of the books coming out, and talk endlessly to myself about what it will be about!

On March 10, 2009, the 41st Magic Tree House book by Mary Pope Osborne released, titled Moonlight on the Magic Flute. In this book, Jack and Annie visit Mozart in a summer palace in Austria!

Please buy this book, as it is funny, entertaining, and just good when you have nothing to do!

There is a new James Patterson book out that you should check out. Run For Your Life is the second book in the Michael Bennett detective series, which focuses around Detective Michael Bennett, a father of ten. He tracks a killer called the Teacher in New York City. With all the trouble at home, and the crazy police cases, it’s a miracle the guy even makes it through the day.

So check it out.

Run For Your Life by James Patterson AND Michael Ledwig


It is almost time for Barack Obama to become our 44th President. Please show up at Capitol Hill if you can, that is, if you have tickets, and witness history.

Thank you for taking the time to vote for the first African-American President of the United States.

Happy New Year, dear reader!

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I hope you have had a good holiday season, but don’t forget today is New Year’s Eve, so the holidays are not over.

Have a good time tonight and I might talk to you tomorrow.